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AWCY? M.I.L.C. Parts Kit

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Each parts kit contains all necessary hardware to build Methematic's tried and true 37mm signaling ammunition solution. Say goodbye to cracked hulls, low velocities, and mediocre signaling distances! Each kit will enable builders to assemble the full size or reduced size reusable and reloadable M.I.L.C. HiLo hull. Tubing is precision cut, deburred, and sanded for ease of installation. Please note that the included main bolt will require further modification for proper fit and function.


30/50: This kit includes a shorter bolt, and a smaller length of tubing to accommodate small ignition sources, such as #209 shotshell primers, or even ramsets. It can also accept cut 38's. This size will fit most, if not all launchers.

40/60: This kit includes a longer bolt, and a larger length of tubing to accommodate larger ignition sources, such as a 38. special blank. All smaller ignition sources work too. This size will not fit the B.A.L.L.S. launcher.

BLEM 2-PACK: This kit includes one 30/50 AND one 40/60 kit. All hardware is normal. The brass is cut at an angle, leaving one side shorter than spec. The brass is usable, but I am not comfortable selling these at full price. I'd rather see the material used, not thrown away, so whoever snags these will get a good deal.


DISCLAIMER: ~THIS IS NOT AMMUNITION~ This kit contains only a collection of parts, INMC LLC is not responsible for what you do with them or what you assemble them into. Purchase at your own risk, follow all local laws, and never endanger yourself or others. 


STLS: All 3D printable files for Methmatic's DIY HiLo hull are available for free at: