How long do orders usually take to ship?
INMC aims to send out all orders within 1-3 business days of the initial purchase date.

When will my order arrive?
All orders are shipped via either USPS Ground or UPS Ground and should arrive within 2-5 days depending on the carrier, but delays sometimes occur.

What else will I need to finish my build?
In most cases, you'll need your own printed plastic parts and have basic hand tools to finish building the items we offer hardware kits for. Please refer to each individual listing, as exceptions to this rule may exist.

Do INMC hardware kits require any metalworking or modification prior to assembly?
While some parts may require a negligible amount of extra cutting, filing, or sanding, the vast majority of INMC hardware kits should not require much, if any, extra work.

When will kits restock?
While INMC cannot provide an exact schedule for restocks, we do our best to restock twice a month. Please bear in mind that manufacturing is handled by a single law student. I'm doing my best!

Why should I buy an INMC hardware kit?
INMC's goal is to provide finished hardware kits for individuals unable to create their own for whatever reason, such as financial, logistical, or temporal constraints. In other words, if you don't have the tools, space, or time to create your own parts, we've got your back.

Will INMC offer new hardware kits in the future?
We will be gradually diversifying our inventory as several new designs release in the near future. If there is a specific design that you would like to see INMC produce hardware kits for, feel free to shoot us an email about it.

Where can I get in touch with the INMC community?
You can find us, as well as like-minded and friendly folks on a variety of platforms. Our releases can be found on our Odysee page, but you can hangout with us directly on Discord and Element.


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