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AWCY? Anarchy Parts Kit

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Each parts kit contains all necessary hardware to build AWCY?'s wild west inspired signaling device. These kits feature fencepost lengths with a smoothly sanded interior for ease of loading, and a roughly sanded exterior for superior epoxy adhesion, as well as an easy-insert bevel. All springs and pins in this kit are precut or chamfered as needed to streamline your assembly process. Please note that minor filing or sanding may still be required to finish these parts.


DISCLAIMER: ~THIS IS NOT A FIREARM~ This kit contains only a collection of parts, INMC LLC is not responsible for what you do with them or what you assemble them into. Purchase at your own risk, follow all local laws, and never endanger yourself or others.


STLS: All 3D printable files for AWCY?'s signaling device are available for free at: