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AWCY? B.A.L.L.S. Parts Kit

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Each parts kit contains all necessary hardware to build DMB & Co.'s exemplary pump action signaling device. Each kit comes with a set of water-cut steel SCS components to replace several printed and/or handmade parts. These kits feature chamfered firing pins, angled ptact pins, beveled rods, and pre-greased bearings.  All necessary heat inserts, springs, screws, nuts, and bars are present and modified as needed within this kit to streamline your assembly process. Please note that the barrel will require minor filing to finish, for which a printed jig can be found within the files.




DISCLAIMER: ~THIS IS NOT A FIREARM~ This kit contains only a collection of parts, INMC LLC is not responsible for what you do with them or what you assemble them into. Purchase at your own risk, follow all local laws, and never endanger yourself or others. 




STLS: All 3D printable files for DMB & Co.'s signaling device are available for free at: